Dry Ice In Pack Sizes

We offer dry ice pellets in varying pack sizes from 2.5kg priced at £ 27.60 including VAT and free delivery. We accept purchase orders for all schools and colleges.

Science Experiment Pack

We have produced a comprehensive experiment pack with over 20 detailed fun experiments. Please click the Education Pack link for further information

Please read our safety information before using dry ice.

What Could I Do In My School?

Here are just a few examples of what you could do in your school with our dry ice packs and fun science experiments.

Fun Science Education Pack

The Education Pack contains fun science experiments with estimated times, equipment, objectives and discussion points suitable for all science lessons from age 6 to 18 years. Furthermore, most of the equipment required is available in the Education Pack.

Concerts, Plays & Social Events

After all the work and practice that is put into an end-of-term concert why not add a little West End magic and use dry ice to create some fog effects? Easy and safe these can really add the finishing touch to a concert! Also great for graduation balls and other student social events.