Dry ice science experiments for Schools & Education

Dry ice is a great material to demonstrate scientific principles for students of all ages. It is also brilliant as a means of adding pizazz to open days and assemblies.

The dryice.education website supplies dry ice nationwide throughout the UK in different pack sizes for any requirement. We also have information on dry ice and FAQ's, Health and Safety as well as information on the types of fun science experiments you can teach your students.

All products delivered for the date you need them with FREE delivery. We can take a Purchase Order number if you are a school or college without the need for immediate payment.

Please do not hesitate to call 0203 4329412 if you would like further information, to place an order, or to discuss your educational requirements.

Fun Science Experiments

Download some of our fun science experiments and see how you can use dry ice in your school

Science Education Pack

The Education Pack contains fun science experiments with estimated times, equipment, objectives and discussion points.